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Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone

Give us a call to pay via checking or savings

Pay by phone

We allow you to make a payment directly from your checking or savings account at no additional cost using our automated phone system. The payment will post the following business day. You can schedule a payment up to five business days in advance.

Call 1-800-895-4999* and follow our easy-to-use prompts.

To make a payment via phone, you must provide the following banking information:

  • The routing transit number (identifies your bank, credit union or financial institution)
  • The account number from your checking or savings account

Pay by Phone is a one-time option. You must call us if you want to pay via phone again. For continuous electronic payment, sign up for eBill or AutoPay.

* Business customers please be prepared to enter your complete account number in our automated phone system to obtain billing and payment information. We are making changes to increase the security of your account information.

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Our products and services differ based on state. Please select your state (or the state you're interested in) from the list to the left.

Why do our products and services differ based on state? Because our business is regulated by state. We have regulated operations in eight Western and Midwestern states. The different regulatory body for each state we serve determines what products and services we deliver in that state.