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Boulder Municipalization

Boulder Municipalization

Xcel Energy -- Boulder's best partner to meet the city's energy goals


November 6, 2013

Boulder voters have made it clear they want solid numbers and responsible spending when it comes to the city’s push for municipalization. Xcel Energy has always supported people knowing the cost of municipalization and having a say on whether the effort moves forward. The approval of this measure shows that Boulder customers are giving serious thought to how much debt they are willing to incur in this effort as they are giving city leaders more guidance in spending

Boulder voters know more today about the costs and risks of municipalization than they did six months ago. More than 7,000 Boulder citizens signed the petition to put 310 on the ballot, demonstrating that voters are questioning the feasibility of creating a new municipal utility. We encourage the citizens of Boulder and the neighboring county residents that were targeted for inclusion in Boulder’s municipal utility to continue to ask tough questions. This is more important than ever as the municipalization activists and city decide how to react to the recent decision by the Colorado PUC, which affirmed its authority over electric facilities and service to customers outside the city limits.

Xcel Energy knows that Boulder customers want more renewable energy and we are bringing more wind and solar to not only Boulder, but to 1.4 million customers across Colorado. We recently obtained approval to add 450 megawatts of wind and we have proposed to add 170 megawatts of cost-effective utility scale solar—four times what Boulder plans to add on its own if it forms a municipal utility.  These most recent renewable energy additions will make a measurable difference by bringing our carbon reductions to 35 percent by 2020 in Colorado. Boulder's energy goals can be achieved better, faster and with much less risk by working in partnership with Xcel Energy.

More information on Boulder municipalization is available on YourBoulderEnergy.com (link to the right).

We've been the number one wind energy provider in the nation nine years running. And now the Colorado Public Utilities Commission just approved our proposal to add an additional 450MW of wind energy to our system. Renewable energy is a priority of ours. Watch this program about our renewable energy initiatives (link to the right).

If you’re interested in more information about municipalization or would like us to speak to your business or organization, please contact Craig Eicher.  His contact information is below.

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